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How to Clean Gutters? Best Tips from Vancouver Gutter Experts

How to Clean Your Own Gutters

When it comes to cleaning gutters, we always recommend hiring professional gutter cleaning services in order to avoid injuries and to make sure you get the best quality of work.

If you are not used to working on a ladder, cleaning your own gutters can be a dangerous task. We do understand, however, that many homeowners like to do the home maintenance chores on their own. If you have the necessary tools and often climbs on ladders, DIY gutter cleaning could be an option for you.

To help you get the job done right, our gutter experts put together a quick guide so you can learn the basics of how and why you need to clean your gutters and downspouts.

Why is it important to keep your gutters cleaned?

Most people don’t understand how gutters work and why they are necessary. The short explanation is that your rain gutters allow water to run off your roof, keeping your home protected from moisture buildup that can cause damage and rot.

Letting your gutter cleaning and maintenance unattainable can lead to costly repairs.

If debris builds up in your gutters, it could lead to sagging and leaky gutters or even worse; It can damage the interior and exterior of your home and its foundation.

clogged gutter can also create the perfect environment for mold growth, and they can also make nice place for rodents and other pests. So cleaning your gutters properly should be a priority to ensure your gutter system is working efficiently.

Gutter cleaning tools

First thing you should do is to make sure you have all necessary gutter tools and accessories, which includes:

  • Waterproof Gloves: Under the layer of leaves there is a thick layer of wet stuff and sharp debris
  • Safety Glasses: Not only safety glasses but appropriate clothing to protect you from debris
  • Ladder: The best way to clean your gutters is by using a ladder, so make sure you have a good and sturdy ladder and follow the best practices of ladder safety
  • Gutter cleaning tool kit: these cleaning kits usually come with a scoop, a rake and other tools you will need when cleaning your own gutters
  • Pressure washer: A pressure washer will just help make the gutter cleaning job easier

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5 important steps to follow when cleaning your gutters

  • Safety first! Use appropriate accessories which includes gloves, glasses and suitable clothing. We recommend placing the ladder on solid, stable and level ground and to use a ladder stabilizer to avoid any damage to your home.
  • We also recommend placing a tarp under your working area to protect the landscape from the debris that fall out. Make sure you have 2 buckets attached to the ladder, one for your tools and a second one to dump the debris as you clean your gutter.
  • To remove the first layer of debris from the gutters, use gloves and the gutter cleaning kit that comes with a rake and a scoop.
  • After removing all the leaves and debris, use a pressure washer to remove residue, mold and grease from your rain gutters.
  • After cleaning your gutters, use a garden hose to flush the gutters and downspouts and clear out any debris. This also helps identify any leaks. Make sure they are working properly and there is not sagging or leaky parts.

Gutter cleaning tips

Here are a few things you should also consider when cleaning your own gutters:

  • Check the weather forecast before you start cleaning. Allow a few dry days before cleaning your gutters, as removing dry debris makes the job much easier and less messy.
  • Think about safety, most of the cleaning work is on a ladder. If you are not comfortable on ladders, consider hiring professional help.
  • After cleaning your gutters, check the downspouts for any lodged debris.
  • Check if water is flowing through your gutter. Look for any leaks or standing water in the gutter, this indicates that the gutter may need to be repaired.
  • Let someone know you are going to clean your gutters, or even better ask someone to help you
  • Never work in wet, icy or windy conditions.
  • If your home is located near power lines, hire professional help instead

How often should you clean your gutters?

We recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year.

Ideally you will want to clean your gutters in the late fall to clear out leaves and to get them ready for the rainy season in metro Vancouver. And once again, at the beginning of spring so your gutters are ready to handle heavier spring rains.

If you have trees around your home, your gutters may need to be cleaned more than twice a year.

Why you should hire professional help to get your rain gutters cleaned

If you consider the time, risk and quality of the job, hiring a professional gutter cleaning service in Vancouver is always worth the money.

If you don’t have much experience climbing and working on a ladder, cleaning your own gutter might be quite challenging. Gutter cleaning professionals are usually insured for any injures and they have the right safety equipment to get the job done.

A gutter expert will do the job thoroughly and they are also able to identify potential issues with gutter and downspouts and recommend gutter repairs or even a new gutter system

Gutter Cleaning Cost

The cost of gutter cleaning will depend on the size of your home and the condition of your gutters. Your gutter cleaning company will ask about the height of your house, size of the gutters and their overall condition.

If there is a significant amount of debris and dirt, the job will likely take longer, and the cleaning costs will reflect that.

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