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Leaf Protection

optimal gutter guards & leaf screens for enhanced protection

At Weatherguard Gutters, we understand the importance of safeguarding your home’s gutter system from debris and clogs.
Our leaf protection systems are designed to provide both existing and new gutters with the best defence against leaves and other obstructions. Tailored to meet diverse needs, our systems ensure your gutters remain functional and efficient throughout the year.


We specialize in offering a variety of aluminum leaf protection solutions, each crafted to integrate seamlessly with your specific gutter setup. These robust systems not only block debris but also extend the life and performance of your gutters, ensuring peace of mind and reduced maintenance efforts.

Aluminum leaf protection example – leaf screen.
Alur-Rex Double Pro Leaf Screen


Our approach to gutter installation is centred around offering “Maintenance Friendly” solutions. Even with the most effective leaf screens and protection systems, regular inspection and upkeep are crucial. We recommend evaluating your gutter system at least once every season, maintaining its integrity and preventing potential water damage. This proactive approach helps in preserving the longevity of your gutters and safeguarding your home from the risks associated with clogged gutter systems.

Choose our leaf protection systems for a cleaner, more efficient gutter experience. Protect your home from water damage and reduce the need for frequent cleanings. Trust in our expertise to deliver a solution that keeps your gutters debris-free and functioning optimally all year round.

Learn more about Weatherguard Gutter’s leaf screen technology here!

Weatherguard Gutters has been enhancing and protecting homes in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 35 years.