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high quality standard gutter systems

At Weatherguard Gutters, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality 5″ and 6″ continuous gutters in the Colonial profile. Our gutter systems, specifically designed to mount on a fascia board, represent the pinnacle of gutter technology and efficiency.


The Uniqueness of Our standard Gutter Systems

Precision in Manufacturing

It’s essential to understand that not all gutter manufacturing machines are identical, leading to variations in similarly named profiles. This variance means that repairing gutter damage can be challenging, as the original machine used might no longer be in service or available. Therefore, choosing a well-established Vancouver gutter company like Weatherguard Gutters is crucial when purchasing your gutter system. Our expertise ensures compatibility and long-term functionality.

Aesthetic and Functional Choices

wide range of colour options

We offer an extensive range of colour options to match your home’s exterior, ensuring that your gutter system not only provides robust protection but also enhances the visual appeal of your home or building. To visualize the possibilities, view colour options from our suppliers.

Why Choose Weatherguard Gutters?

Long-Standing Expertise

With years of experience in the field, Weatherguard Gutters has become a trusted name in providing Standard Gutter Systems. Our commitment to quality, combined with our understanding of local weather conditions, makes us the go-to choice for gutter solutions in Vancouver.

Weatherguard Gutters has been enhancing and protecting homes in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 35 years.