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How to Unclog a Clogged Gutter

The gutters on your home protect your property from water damage when it rains. Water comes off of your roof, into your gutters, and is guided away from your home. When your gutters become clogged, your gutters can’t do their job. You will risk water damage to your home and a potential basement flood if your gutters aren’t working correctly.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

To avoid gutter clogs, you will either need to clean them yourself, or hire a gutter repair professional to do it for you. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year to prevent clogs and buildup. If you have trees close to your gutters, you may need to clear your gutters even more frequently.

To Clean Your Gutters

A leaf blower is a great tool when you want to clean your gutters. If you are able to safely climb a ladder to your gutter system, use a leaf blower to blow the debris along your gutter. Protect yourself by wearing goggles and a dust mask, as leaf blowing can cause serious dust to fly. You can also use heavy work gloves and a small shovel to muck out leaves from your gutters.

Use a High Pressure Hose

Once you clean out the leaves and debris that are in your gutters, use a high pressure washer or the high pressure nozzle on your hose to clean out the rest of the gutter. Start at the opposite end of the drain, and work your way down to the drain to clean the gutter.

Check the Drainpipes

The drainpipes also need to be cleaned when you are cleaning your gutters. Make sure there are no clogs in your downspouts, as this will cause problems with your gutters. Remove the downspout if possible, and clean it out using a high pressure nozzle. Once you clean the downspout, reattach it to your gutter system.

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If you are nervous about cleaning your gutters or you are not able to get to gutters that are too high, professional help is necessary. At Weatherguard Gutters, we have been helping homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding area for more than 25 years keep their homes protected with a good gutter system and maintenance. If you need help cleaning your gutters, it’s time to contact us today.

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