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Important Functions of Residential Gutters and Downspouts

The gutters and downspouts on your home have a big job. While they may not look like much, they are necessary for the protection of your home. Beyond keeping you dry when you open your front door during a storm, gutters help protect your home from the elements so that you can avoid unnecessary repairs.

Your Foundation is Protected

If you didn’t have gutters on your home, water from any storm would fall straight from your roof down to your foundation. This can cause all kinds of problems with your foundation, as the added pressure can cause cracks to form. Good gutters help protect the foundation of your home from unnecessary damage.

Control Indoor Moisture

Moisture can wreak havoc if any water makes it into your basement or crawl spaces. In order to keep these spaces dry and free from mold growth, it’s is vital to control how water comes off of your roof and is directed away from your home. Gutters protect your home from moisture and help you avoid unwanted mold in your basement.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Intact

Water causes damage to your windows and doors when they aren’t protected from the elements. Gutters protect your windows and doors by guiding water away from these structures. If water gets too close to your windows or doors, it can cause the wood of the structure of your home to rot.

Protect Your Landscape

When you’ve spent money on making your yard look great, it’s important to have good working gutters to keep the landscaping safe. If water falls directly from your roof to the ground, this can damage or destroy the landscaping below.

Avoid Damage to Siding

If the water from your roof doesn’t properly drain away from your home, it can fall hard onto the ground from your roof. This makes all kinds of debris hit your home, and this can wreck your siding or masonry.

Keep Your Driveway Safe

If water doesn’t drain away from your home, it can spread in areas where you don’t want water. If it becomes cold outside, this can lead to dangerous, icy patches on your driveway or sidewalks. Good drainage makes a big difference when it comes to the safety of your home.

Enhance the Look of Your Home

Gutters can be used to improve the look of your home. While they have the important job of protecting your home, they can also make your home more appealing. When it comes to choosing new gutters for your home, you have choices. Whether you want the gutters to have a visual impact or match your siding, you can choose gutters that improve the curb appeal of your home.

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