Weatherguard Group COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

The purpose of this policy is to minimize transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace by providing occupational protection to employees and thus preventing transmission to our clients and other members of the community.

Any employees showing or feeling any symptoms must not come to work. All employees and sub trades are directed to contact their supervisors immediately where they will be given instructions on where and how to get tested if they have any symptoms.  A symptoms checklist is available to all employees on our internal safety application.

Workplace Protection Procedures

– All workers must make every effort to maintain social distancing.  When this is not possible workers must wear provided masks and gloves.

– All workers are instructed to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth whenever possible.  Do not touch your face with gloved hands.

– All workers are instructed to avoid any contact with people who are sick or showing symptoms.

– All workers are instructed to wash hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer which is provided to all employees.

– All common areas and surfaces are to be cleaned and disinfected twice daily with hospital grade wipes.

– All workers are instructed to cover your face when coughing or sneezing with your elbow or a tissue.

– All workers are instructed to clean your clothes and tools daily and maintain good personal hygiene.

– Only necessary staff are required to load up materials from our warehouse. All other team members are instructed to meet on site for the days job.


Be Safe!


Updated: July 21, 2020